It is quite hard to put my introduction into words so that if a stranger is reading these pages or just looking through this webpage, he or she will get a little bit of the feeling of what my dogs meant and still mean to me till this very day.

Not only are they a wonderful and beautiful representatives of an English breed but they, thanks to their abilitity, are at the same time excellent hunting dogs. All our kennel`s dogs have the trial and regularly participate at hunting competitions. The main principle of Angel of the Dreams kennel is to breed dogs with exellent health, well-balanced personality and beautiful appearance.

How did it all start?

As most kids do, I too nagged my parents with buying me a puppy. In 1989, to my big surprise, I got the first dog of my life, Bessy. She was a wonderful mixed-breed dog, to whom I shall thank for leading me into the mysteries of the life with dogs. Sadly, because of her horrible illness, she passed away in 1997.

For a very long time I could not imagine life without a loyal four-legged friend-mate, so at the beginning of 1998 I bought my first doggy with a pedigree.
She was ICh.Ch. Bona Linea Aurea, the beautiful representative of the Golden retriever breed as well as the founder dog of Angel of the Dreams kennel established in 1999.

In October 1999 our kennel`s first litter was born, from which we kept a puppy 3xCh. Arlett Angel of the Dreams. Bona was beautiful, successful at shows, excellent at trials, and free from all hereditary diseases.

She was in the best years of her life when the destiny called in and ruthlessly and tragically ripped her out of our lives.

And most importantly: I am thankful for entrusting me with her daughter, Arlett Angel of the Dreams and her grandchild ICh.Ch.Crusader Angel of the Dreams who was the first golden retriever in Slovakia receiving the work champion title and who was the first to be qualified at the Birmingham Cruft´s.

THANKS to our friends and breeders of the kennel Ashbury, the third golden retriever, today ICh.IShCh.MultiCh.Ashbury Deep in my Heart, entered our life in 2008. It is a beautiful bitch with a very good personality and excellent health, known to everybody as "smiling Didi" – she sneaked into the heart of my family and friends as well.

2011 April 15th, after a terrible illness, I had to let my dear and beloved 3xCh. Arlett Angel of the Dreams go forever, so she could cross the Rainbow bridge. Arlett, Bona, Bessy thank you very much for everything! I will never forget you!
A part of me died with her, but I know that although it is very hard, I must go on because of the others, Arlett´s son, Crusader, Didi and because of the members of my family who need me.

The 2012 year was began - it was one new era in our life. 16th May was born first litter of my Didi, ICh.MultiCh.Ashbury Deep in my Heart. Her first puppies were very nice and we decided that we keep one female, which hopefully will be a new hope for the future in our kennel and on this basis, we gave her name, Future Hope Angel of the Dreams. We call her only: Narnia.

October 8th, 2012, we have brought back from the UK a new member of our family, the little prince, whom we have waited very patiently for a long time. HUGE THANKS to breeder of our little prince, Susanna Zubair, owner kennel Thornywait that trusted us and gave us this wonderful dog with a green ribbon, whose name is Thornywait Fire N´Ice. Rover is not only the beautiful puppy but has a great balanced, fearless and friendly character.

It is the end of 2012. Today I have four golden retrievers. We are not a large kennel, but we adore our dogs, they are members of our family and they live with us under one roof. We share all the good and bad and I try to fulfill
their lives always with new experiences, so that when they lie down to sleep in the evening, so always they have something new and nice about what they can dream.